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A quick run down on why we are building Treety

Human impact on our environment is pushing the biosphere past the boundaries of safety - the future is uncertain, not just for every other living being on this planet, but especially for ourselves.

The best we can do going forward, is to make a Treety with ourselves and nature, to learn to live in fairness and harmony with our environment. This is not a favour to the planet, but to ensure our own survival.

Our founder, Hatim Baheranwala, shares the thinking on why we have chosen to embark on this journey, and what to expect from our company.

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Full Transcript

Humanity has a lot to be proud of.

Since the earliest Homo Sapiens walked on this planet we have used our hands and our brains to climb to the top of the evolutionary ladder. We have built great cities, used ingenuity to convert resources into products. We have used science to eradicate diseases. We have become one of the most successful species, this planet has ever seen.

At the same time, we have also been naive. We have been thinking that all the natural systems around us, have been tamed by us. This year has proven that this is just an illusion. This year, we have seen some of the largest wildfires ever recorded, across Australia, California and Siberia. We have seen locusts plagues across the Middle East and India. And of course, we have seen a Coronavirus, spread unchecked from bats to humans
It's not just the climate, every natural system around us, is changing rapidly. And unfortunately, the lockdown that we saw this year, is just the first of many disruptions that is coming our way.

Climate scientists and environmentalist have been trying to warn us from many years now. So we really can't say that we didn't know. Nor can we undo the last three decades, and put the genie back into the bottle.. What we can do, is take collective responsibility, for the part we have all played in getting here; and perhaps even more importantly, learn to do things better going forward.

What we can do, is to make a treaty, make a pact with ourselves, and this planet; that we will live fairly and in harmony, with all the natural systems, and all the living inhabitants of this world. Because, let us be clear with ourselves - this is not philantrophy. This is a lot more about us than it sounds. For the last four billion years, there has been some form of life on this planet. At the same time, humans could not have survived for most of these four billion years. Similarly, going forward, regardless of what we throw the way of this world, life will continue to survive on it. This planet will continue to survive. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing about ourselves.

This is not about us saving the planet. This is just all about us trying to ensure a safe future for ourselves.

And there's lot of small steps we can all take. We can start by being little more conscious of each of our actions and the impact that they have on this world. We can learn to be less wasteful, and learn to consume only when we really need to. And when we do consume, when we do spend our money, we can remember, that this is a vote, for the kind of future that we want to see. We can learn to cast this vote for betterment,
for renewability, for sustainability, circularity, fair treatment of all humans, and clean and green business practices.

The good news is that there are already a lot of brands and businesses out there that put the planet and the people on it first. That are already proving to us that business growth and positive impact can go hand in hand. We need to encourage, support and purchase from these businesses as opposed to others that maximize their own profits at the expense of our future.

Treety, our company, intends to be a catalyst for this change. We want to work with conscious brands, and help them showcase and leverage their positive impact in order to activate their customers and in turn drive an increase in conscious consumption. We believe that doing good should also be good for business. And over time, we intend to offer more tools and services to individuals, that will help each one of us to live a lot more sustainably, and in harmony with our world. We will love it, if you join us in this journey.

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