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Soulskill helps ecommerce brands find the best target audiences for online advertising campaigns

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Advertising is dead.
Building authentic customer relationships is the future.

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Building custom audiences for online advertisement targeting is extremely hard

Are your customers in the cities or outside?

Do they have the same likes & dislikes?

Are they all the same age & gender?

How many segments should you target?

Where do you even begin?

Live experiments are expensive!

How much money can you realistically spend to find out the ideal audience?

Each test takes time and effort to setup. AND you have to make supporting creatives.

And even when you succeed - are you sure you couldn't have done better?

Stop wasting your ad budget on guess work!

Let's face it.
Running ads on social networks is expensive

And the costs seem to be rising everyday!

Can you afford to spend your limited ad budget selling to the wrong audience?

Soulskill combines past order data along with social crawling to help you zero-in on the perfect audience!

We identify your best customers

Simple, easy to use personas that you can plug in directly into your audience sets

And not just one!

If we find that your brand appeals to multiple segments, we showcase each one separately

Beyond demographics. We look at Likes & Dislikes

Remember seeing all those comments & tags from strangers on your ads and other posts?

We will finally help you use that!

Soulskill will crawl through public social profile information of your most enthusiastic customers to discover their REAL preferences

Nothing creepy. Everything legal.

Everything we do is GDPR compliant and respects the privacy of your customers

The only data we use is what's already visible to your brand on social media

In fact we are even safer than using cookies!

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