Impact reporting for Businesses

Businesses that single mindedly chase profits without taking responsibility for impact on people & planet are no longer acceptable within broader society.

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Treety helps you and identify your key impact metrics & track them effectively

Define & Organize

Begin by determining the key frameworks or standards you want to follow to measure your impact (e.g. SDGs, SFDR, GRI, or any other), and identifying the right metrics to measure your impact accurately. We have also built a DIY metric selection wizard, if you need help on finalising which metrics are right for you

Measure & Report

Tag your impact to your unit of sales, and calculate the entire impact of your business in real time by synchronizing with your order management system or ERP. We can also help you setup custom impact calculation rules based on your specific context

Manage & Communicate

Use our widget builder to show case your impact on your website or integrate impact metrics with existing communication channels. Allow your customers to see their individual impact thanks to past purchases, or help your investors see their Impact return on Investment based on their stake


Upgrade your impact accounts to be as reliable as your financial accounts

Adaptable to any standard

We understand that reporting standards vary greatly between geographies, sectors, as well as company stage. We allow you to select from existing standards (e.g. SDGs, SFDR) or create your own reporting template

Plug & Play setup

Link Treety's API with your internal business management software, to eliminate the pain of data gathering and get you off the ground (almost) instantaneously

Real-time data sync

Once you set up our solution allows you to track the impact of your business in real time. Eliminate the need for periodic impact reporting 'projects' that distract your team

Customer & Investor facing Widgets

Our platform comes equipped with a DIY widget builder to allow you to showcase key impact & offsetting metrics to customers, investors or even internal stakeholders - on your public facing or internal websites

30K+ impact benchmarks & supporting data sets

We understand that despite your best efforts, some data is hard to collect from primary sources. We provide 30K+ emission factors, and access to all leading global databases, to help you plug gaps in data with benchmarks

Access to expert network

Need help with an LCA, on ground survey, or would you like to build your company's roadmap to Net zero? We have an extensive network of empanelled environmental & social impact experts who can address any such need

Ready to take impact to the next level?

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