Impact reporting for Investors

End-to-end impact tracking and reporting across your portfolio saving time and effort for your team as well as investees plus communication tools for real-time impact showcasing and sharing with other stakeholders

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Treety helps you and your investees to calculate, track and share impact

Define & Organize

Begin by determining the key frameworks or standards you want to follow to measure your impact (e.g. SDGs, SFDR, GRI, or any other), and identifying the right metrics to measure your impact accurately. Our flexible API allows for integration with any existing portfolio management software.

Measure & Report

Treety allows you to set the reporting standards that you would like to see across your portfolio. Use connected Treety accounts for the investees or use our smart forms feature for easy and consistent reporting saving time for your team and the entrepreneurs.

Manage & Communicate

Keep track of impact through multi-level dashboard views (across funds, per fund, per portfolio manager or per company). Use our widget builder to show case your impact on your website or product pages or integrate with existing communication channels.


End-to-end impact reporting and tracking across your portfolio and for portfolio companies

SFDR & EU Taxonomy Compliant

Prepare for upcoming EU regulation and demonstrate transparency with your impact reporting by setting up a system that meets all criteria from SFDR & related regulations

Custom impact metrics & formula builder

Setup any specific impact metric that you need to measure with our DIY formula builder. We can help you setup any custom reporting template that you have chosen to adapt for your fund

Multi-level impact calculations

See impact at the portfolio company level, specific fund level, or even aggregated fund level, as your need may be. Setup access controls and dashboards so that the right information is accessible to the right people

Modular functionalities & API access

We can setup linkages with any specific business reporting software to allow for real time sync of portfolio company, as well as market data. Eliminate the need for manual data entry & reduce the risk of data loss

30K+ impact benchmarks & supporting data sets

We understand that despite your best efforts, some data is hard to collect from primary sources. We provide 30K+ emission factors, and access to all leading global databases, to help you plug gaps in data with benchmarks

Empower your portfolio companies

Simplify the hassle of impact reporting for your portfolio funds and entrepreneurs - setup automated impact reporting using Treety, and free them up to do what they do best: making real Impact in the world!

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