Sustainable brands are built on communities.
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Grow your brand organically through authentic referrals from your most best ambassadors - your customers

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Advertising is dead.
Building authentic customer relationships is the future.

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How Treety works

Identify your best customers

Our SaaS toolset plugs into popular ecommerce solutions such as Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento, and then combines this with social media data to help you identify your best potential advocates

Add in your impact metrics

We then help you identify the best metric that helps you communicate the positive impact of your brand

Our toolset calculates the impact on a per customer basis. You can showcase this on your member portal or even export it via API

Activate your Champions

Understanding your customer base and identifying your brand champions is not enough -
you need to activate them too!

We provide easy to integrate widgets that can sit on your customer portal or checkout journeys that can showcase your impact and excite your customers into growing it further

Our clients are the businesses of the future

Compatible with all major e-commerce platforms

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And also get a free analysis on who your most prospective ambassadors are!