Impact Quantification for Investors

We know that starting to measure your and your portfolio's impact feels overwhelming. We believe that it shouldn't be this way. Treety makes the impact quantification process straightforward for you and your portfolio companies.

The Solution

Explore the key elements of Treety's platform and see how the process works.

Choose metrics to track

Set up KPIs your portfolio companies should submit according to your reporting framework.

We help you create a process compliant with EU regulations and the reporting best practices you choose to apply.

Calculate your impact

Using the data from your portfolio companies, create custom formulas and quantify the impact of your portfolio.

Treety helps you kickstart the process ensuring your calculations align with the best available science and industry best practices.

Request data from portfolio companies

Smart and simple request, and approval flow makes data gathering from your portfolio companies simple.

We're here for you and your portfolio companies, offering 1:1 guidance, training, and ongoing support where needed.

Analyse and export data

View your portfolio's impact in real-time in the Treety dashboard, or create widgets to publish in reports or on your website.

Treety also allows you to export data in any format like a .CSV file or create custom graphs and visualizations.


Framework & regulation compliant

Automate your reporting with Treety regardless of the framework you've chosen (SFDR, SDGs, GRI, PRI, SASB, etc.)

Customizable metrics & KPIs

Set up the impact metrics, report format, and scope, as well as access to data according to your specific needs.

30K+ impact benchmarks and datasets

Get access to our database with 30K+ emission factors to turn your data (kWh, liters of water, kg of waste) into impact metrics (CO2e)

API Access

Link Treety with your business software tools and sync market and portfolio company data in real-time.


Free up your portfolio funds and companies to do what they do best - making a positive impact in the world.

Easy reporting

Set up a custom reporting template based on your needs, automate the process and save time every time.

Treety's own Impact

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Measure and manage your fund's impact, hassle-free.

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Measure and manage your fund's impact, hassle-free.

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