The easiest way for investors to measure and manage impact.

Treety makes impact reporting simple and effective with onboarding guides, user-friendly design, and an extensive database for impact quantification.

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Why Treety

Investors work with Treety to set up impact management and reporting system that's compliant and in line with best practices.

Treety saves time, money, and headache compared to the status quo of consultants and manual data collection.

Easy to start

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Our team works hands-on to deliver insights and guidance for you and your portfolio.

Easy to involve portfolio

Treety's platform makes non-financial reporting straightforward and ensures you and portfolio companies save time on the process.

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Easy to succeed

Get access to portfolio data in Treety's platform or export the data to any format for further analysis.

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Here's what our customers say about us

Our collaboration with Treety has enabled the Google SDG Program to represent meaningful impact with a system in place that allows us to aggregate and track meaningful impact performance across hundreds of companies in the program, while the entrepreneurs benefit from structured metrics and methodologies to credibly measure their own impact.

Irwin Boutboul

Lead, Google for Startups: Advisor SDG Program
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We are thrilled to be working together with Treety. Their flexible tool is a solution for our SFDR, EU Taxonomy, and sustainability risk reporting for all investment strategies under our management (SFDR article 6, 8, and 9). It also allows us, in one automated application, to collect, measure and report positive impact and engagement activities for our ESG and impact funds. We are very excited to be the team's developing partner and help shape this tool for alternative investment funds globally.

Jenny Overman

Associate Director responsible for SFDR reporting
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Key Benefits

Start right away

Our onboarding process meets you where you are and helps you get the ball rolling. During the onboarding phase, we work with you to:

  • set the metrics you have to and want to track;
  • onboard your team and ensure everyone has direct access to reporting;
  • define clear reporting criteria & timelines for your portfolio

Onboard your portfolio

Treety is a solution for you and your portfolio companies. We engage your portfolio in a training session and offer 1:1 consultations on:

  • ESG risks;
  • measuring the company's positive impact;
  • specific metrics relevant to each company based on their industry and business model.

Automate data collection

The impact reporting process becomes streamlined with Treety as you:

  • send out a pre-defined request for data to portfolio companies;
  • receive, evaluate and approve the data submitted;
  • data points automatically contribute to your impact performance statistics in your dashboard.

Report and communicate your true impact

We've made sure that preparing your first non-financial report will be a breeze (regardless of the framework). Treety enables you to:

  • evaluate your portfolio's impact in the Treety dashboard;
  • export your impact data in a .CSV file;
  • share your impact data in real-time on your website using widgets;
  • and export diagrams and visualizations for reports and presentations.

Measure and manage your fund's impact, hassle-free.

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