The Impact Economy is here to stay

The world is facing unprecedented challenges and, let's face it, business as usual is what put us in this precarious situation. Radical change is needed and for that to happen we need a radical new way of thinking about the purpose of our entrepreneurial efforts and investments.

We believe that if we change the way we think and talk about success through environmental and social impact vs. just financial metrics - we will start walking the talk and drive the transition towards a net-positive future.

Our Mission

To enable investors and their portfolio companies to successfully transition to an impact economy

Our Vision

A world in which the economy is driven by purpose and measured by our impact on the planet and the people on it

Our Solution

A flexible, user-friendly platform that enables investors and entrepreneurs to calculate, track and report true impact

About the Founders

Photography by @ellenbrandwijkphotography

Treety was founded by Hatim Baheranwala and Mike van Wijhe. We realized that business as usual has left humanity extremely ill prepared for the great challenges of our times.

Driven entrepreneurs and investors need to step up to the plate and shape a different future while regulators figured out new rules.

With backgrounds in finance, entrepreneurship, tech and hospitality  we've joined forces and set off on a journey to change how the world defines success. We will have achieved our goal when environmental and social impact are the standard for business reporting.

Treety's own Impact

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Ready to take impact to the next level?

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